The European Federation of Thoroughbred Breeders’ Associations (EFTBA) was set up in 1994 to enable European breeders’ associations to be represented at a European level with a strong single voice.

EFTBA members are independent and autonomous bodies, representative of the Thoroughbred breeding industry within their countries. They represent major breeding nations as well as countries where the bloodstock industry is not developed at its full potential. All in all, they gather over 23,000 breeders. Combining member countries with such a variety of profiles operates as a booster and can raise the general quality of Thoroughbred breeding programmes in Europe.

Although all these countries are different on some aspects of their domestic policy, they share common objectives. The EFTBA provides a single place for breeders to come together and discuss common policies. Thanks to its actions of lobbying, the EFTBA supports the breeders’ positions on issues specific to the EU, such as trade, taxation, employment legislation, sanitary policies, animal health regulation, identification and Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). One of its priorities is to help maintaining the recognition of the Horse breeding industry as an agricultural activity by European authorities.

Besides its activity with EU decision-makers, the EFTBA is also a platform to exchange updates regarding legislation, veterinary and scientific research or any new developments that can serve the Thoroughbred breeding industry. For example, common actions from EFTBA members have led to the implementation of Codes of practice in Europe and contribute to achieve standardisation of veterinary laboratories for equine tests throughout Europe. The EFTBA Veterinary Commission brings together veterinarians and scientific experts on various subjects providing all European Thoroughbred breeders with the EFTBA Veterinary Newsletter four times a year.

Finally, the EFTBA contributes to the expansion of the market for Thoroughbred horses in Europe and worldwide.