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According to the latest estimates of the Board of Agriculture and the Horse Industry National Foundation, there are about 14,700 thoroughbreds in Sweden. 

Sweden has 5 Thoroughbred tracks and 77 days of competition are held every year both in flat and jumping races. Sweden's two main tracks for Thoroughbred racing are Täby Galopp, just north of Stockholm, and Jägerso in Malmö.

Betting on Horse racing has grown steadily over the 32 years since ATG, the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board, was founded in 1974. All profits from the game goes back to sport, mainly in the form of prize funds. In 2014, a total of SEK 53 million was allocated to the industry.

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Svenska Fullblodsavelsforeningen (SFAF)

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Secretary: Nadja Bellander

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