EFTBA : Our Missions

Bring Expertise & Raise Standards

EFTBA provides a single place for breeders to formulate common policies and seek harmonizing breeding practices and production conditions. Common actions from EFTBA members have led to the implementation of best practices via Common Codes of Practices.

Collect & Share Information

Our lobbyist gives monthly reports on EU legislation and political issues impacting the Thoroughbred Industry in Europe. This legal monitoring is an important tool in order to predict and influence the development of horses-related EU regulation.

Take Positions

An union of European breeders gives the possibility to raise the voice of breeders audible to Racing Authorities and other International Federations. Meetings or discussions with those authorities seek to be regularly held, and position statements taken by EFTBA on different issues are circulated and sometimes adopted by those same authorities.

Address Veterinary Issues

Veterinary issues are common to all Member countries and our will is to encourage both scientific research and education of European breeders. The EFTBA Veterinary Commission brings together veterinarians and scientific experts on various subjects providing all European thoroughbred breeders with the EFTBA Veterinary Newsletter four times a year.

Promote the Industry

EFTBA intends to make our industry more readable to our politicians, and to the public at large. Actions of promotion include the publication of information and statistics on Thoroughbred breeding. Those figures are available on our website. Lately, a photo contest and an exhibition were held in the European Commission in order to make known the routine of breeders. See more

Represent and Give Voice

One of EFTBA’s main areas of work is representing members’ concerns in Brussels. EFTBA delegates regularly meet with EU MEPs and Members of the European Commission or Council. EFTBA is also a founding member of the European Horse Network (EHN). Thoroughbred breeders are represented at the meetings hosted by the EHN to discuss and exchange views with EU MEPs and other associations of the Horse Industry on current issues of the European political agenda.