Photo contest organized by the EFTBA : A great chance to make known the routine of breeders!

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the EFTBA, a photo contest was organized on the theme of the trade of Thoroughbred breeders in Europe in 2014.

Considering that nobody else than the breeders themselves could better capture the magical moments of a day-to-day farm’s life, the EFTBA and the Syndicat des Eleveurs invited their members to send pictures of their trade.

More than 60 photographs were received, and the task of the jury has been a difficult one! The results are published today:

 1st prize: Thomas Chardigny

“The photo has been taken in the Easter morning in La Boissière in Normandy, at Charlotte and Jean-Baptiste André’s home. My cousin, Charlotte, brings to the pasture a broodmare La Romanée and its young foal. Her son Augustin helps her.

According to me, this picture represents the passing of passion and knowledge from generation to generation. We can perceive the great complicity between Charlotte and her son; this is the transmission of a savoir-faire that our family has kept for decades.” 

 2nd prize: Constantin de Lencquesaing

“This moment was catch in the “Avenue” of the Haras d’Ellon in the early morning.  We can feel the calmness of this place and the extreme attention given to thoroughbreds. Indeed, every suitée mare is escorted to the paddock with a special care.”

 3rd prize: Constantin de Lencquesaing

 “This photo illustrates the great complicity between a man and a young foal. This is also an opportunity to remind all the work done with foals since their birth: many treatments, blacksmith’s techniques and thousand of attentions given by the farm’s employees and that require a real know-how.”

 4th prize: Julie Mestrallet

 “The picture was taken in the early morning, during a difficult foaling. We were forced to bring the mare outside in order to facilitate the veterinarian’s intervention. It reflects the transmission of the know-how of an essential act: the foaling, from mother to daughter. The mare is my first race horse.”  

Thanks to all participants! Your pictures will be a crucial vector in order to illustrate the thousand facets of your trade to European decision makers and the values that are ours: savoir-faire and transmission, respect of the environment, labour and constant attention to our horses.