EFTBA representatives attended EHN talk on 'Equine Growth and Environment' in Brussels

On June 3rd, Tim Richardson and Camille Vercken represented the European Federation of Thoroughbred breeders’ associations (EFTBA) during the European Horse Group (E.H.N) lunch, chaired by the British MEP Julie Girling. Bo Helander, chairman of the Swedish TBA, was also attending, in the name of the EEF. The EHN holds these luncheon meetings, attended by MEPs from all the Member States, on a regular basis. Their aim is to raise the MEPs’ awareness on specific issues regarding the Equine Industry.

The theme of yesterday’s meeting was ‘Equine Growth and Environment’, focusing on the beneficial impact of Horse breeding on the environment and rural growth. The MEPs attended several presentations on the societal role of horses in Europe, the development of employment in the Racing and Sport sectors (which is a source of dynamism in rural areas) and growth promoters due to the development of activities involving horses in a territory.

Representatives of the Horse Industry then had the opportunity to answer MEP’s questions on their particular area of specialty.

As a final word, Julie Girling stated that the dynamism of employment in the Horse Industry is a key argument to support this sector.

Such gatherings involving Members of Parliament are crucial in emphasising the assets of the Horse Industry. The E.H.N makes possible the setting up of an effective Horse lobby before EU decision-makers.