EFTBA met Michel Dantin MEP, rapporteur for the Zootechnical Regulation

On July 15th, Loïc Malivet, Chairman of the Syndicat des Eleveurs, Hubert Honoré, Chairman of the EFTBA, Tim Richardson, Co-President of the EFTBA Veterinary Commission, Camille Vercken, in charge of the executive of the EFTBA, and Tim Morris, lobbyist of the EFTBA, met Michel Dantin, rapporteur for the Zootechnical Regulation.

The Zootechnical Regulation could have become very hazardous for the breeding industry in its first versions. Indeed, the original proposition tended to the harmonization of production conditions for all farm animals. This would have meant denying the specificities of the production of thoroughbreds, in particular by imposing a complete freedom on the use of artificial breeding methods such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer.

The EFTBA has worked to explain the possible implications for the Horse industry of such a ‘catch-all’ regulation that did not took into account the specificities of each breed within species. Michel Dantin plays a key role in this regulation and appears to be an important ally for the equine industry. Indeed, the report he drafted contains several amendments proposing arrangements for animals of the equine specie.

These amendments will be proposed for the vote of the Parliament in September and the EFTBA will continue to defend the breeders’ positions and interests among MEPs and other decision-makers until the final text is adopted.