EFTBA Veterinary Newsletter n°17

Dear European breeders,

It is our common goal to work for the future. In the current context of great mediatisation, we should not content to rest on our laurels but continue to question ourselves on potential improvements in our breeding. This is what this EFTBA Newsletter intends to do and we are guided towards different topics aimed to challenge and improve our approach of farm management, prevention of injuries and raising young stock.
We are convinced that the whole industry, and not only veterinarians, could benefit from these in-depth discussions.

Wishing all of you a profitable reading.

Hubert Honoré

Hubert Honoré

Chairman, EFTBA



The idea of a "Newsletter" implies the reporting on current affairs and events, and according to a report of Des Leadon, the EFTBA and the European & Meditteranean Horse Racing Authorities (EMHRA) met in Paris at the beginning of October. One of the actual topics on the agenda was "Welfare - the ethics of horse production for racing and the usage of that product in the racing industry in an increasingly critical public environment". In this respect, it was agreed "that the entire industry needs to document what it does well in terms of horse welfare and to acknowledge areas that require improvement and to begin to work to address these issues". With this newsletter, we already follow these intentions and occupy ourselves with five presentations of the conference "Business and Ethics of Racing" in August in Baden-Baden.
Further information will follow.

Hanspeter Meier

Dr Hanspeter Meier

EFTBA veterinary advisor & Newsletter editor