EFTBA Veterinary Newsletter n°18

Dear European breeders,

At our last fall meeting, we insisted on the responsibility for the industry to endorse ethics and sustainability issues. This is why I feel the initiative of Dr Hanspeter Meier to report on the presentations held in Baden- Baden in August is more than useful.

The recent publication of guidelines on foal endoscopy has already allowed benefical enhancements at breeding sales. We should hope that the subjects studied here will contribute to the same input for yearling pre-sales examination.

I also take this opportunity to extend to all of you my warmest wishes for a most successful breeding season.

With kind regards

Hubert Honoré

Chairman, EFTBA


In our 17th newsletter, we summarized some presentations of the conference “Business and Ethics of Racing” in Baden-Baden, and in the second part of the report, with this issue, we become acquainted with further three subjects of importance in our work: veterinary matters at sales, the transport of horses and aspects of optimized recovery for them after exertions. Once more, these subjects were presented with the intention to improve economical requirements of our endeavors and ethical aspects for our horses two things which normally go hand in hand.

Dr Hanspeter Meier

EFTBA veterinary advisor & Newsletter editor