An Autumn Meeting based on Cooperation and Unity

Eleven nationalities were gathered last Tuesday in the Jockey Club of Newmarket to share their hopes and fears about the future of Thoroughbred breeding in Europe.

This annual Autumn Meeting of the EFTBA revealed a common will of breeders' associations to work more closely together. Such a synergy is all the more important that European decision-makers are expecting from socioprofessionals that they be able to bring forward shared solutions for their industry at the European level.

Together with European and international Horseracing authorities, the breeders will need to face veterinary and sanitary issues such as the current shortage of vaccines or some equine medicines. They should also continue lobbying amongst law-makers to ensure that these latter properly understand the needs and pressures of the sector while drafting regulation. 

In order to address these challenges, EFTBA is convinced of the importance to share with other federations involved in the equine industry at an European level, and confirmed therefore the will to get actively involved into the work of the European Horse Network.