Promoting Best Practices in Europe

On March 2nd, the European Horse Network, with the support of MEP Julie Girling, organised a lunch meeting at the European Parliament on the topic of ‘Responsible Ownership’.

The key word of Mrs Girling’s intervention was that she wants no more regulation on Equine Welfare. This point of view was shared by both Daryl Noble, permanent representative of the Republic of Ireland, and Dr Alf Fuessel, from the European Commission.

However, Mrs Girling is proposing to create a code of practices promoting responsible ownership in Europe. Such guidelines would allow countries that have very low welfare standards to improve living conditions of their horses and therefore globally increase the levels of welfare standards in Europe.

The Racing industry stays ahead of most of the other branches of the equine sector on this issue of welfare and has a potential to lead the way for the whole Horse industry. This is why representatives of the EFTBA offered their assistance and expertise to help conceiving this text that is still in its early initial stages.