EFTBA Veterinary Newsletter n°19

Dear European breeders,

News prove that the subject covered by the symposium in Baden- Baden, whose presentations are reported by Hanspeter, is still current. Indeed, the last MEP Horse Lunch held in the European Parliament in early March focused on the question of "Responsible Ownership" and referred to the creation of Codes of Practices to improve the minimum standards of horse welfare in Europe.

The message brought to our industry is that we should be proactive in this field of particular concern for the public interest. The racing industry has a potential to lead the way for the other branches of the equine sector and should not be shy in communicating on its best practices and exchanging views with scientific researchers, sociologists or members of the public.

With kind regards

Hubert Honoré

Hubert Honoré

Chairman, EFTBA



The third and final part of the conference-report in Baden-Baden covers subjects of ethics of racing and the role of the veterinarian. As the title of the symposium did suggest, these contributions were its primary intentions and themes.

On one side, the presentations did analyse the situation of to-days racing, and on the other side, improvements for possible short-comings were sought.

In this connections we must consi- der that racing is a sport which operates under a social license. We therefore shouldn't venture to lose confidence of the public and must respect and adhere to community standards. Public opinion is of importance for us, especially in regard to ethic standards in our days.

Hanspeter Meier

Dr Hanspeter Meier

EFTBA veterinary advisor & Newsletter editor