EFTBA Veterinary Newsletter n°21

Welcome to EFTBA’s veterinary newsletter

Dear EFTBA members,
I invite you to enjoy the third part of the EFTBA Newsletter dedicated to the retired racehorse. As the "producers" of racehorses, the breeders must endorse a reponsibility towards retirement and aftercare of Thoroughbreds. The EFTBA Veterinary Committee and the EFTBA members countries have taken this subject as a priority of the coming months. We will welcome at the coming EFTBA November meeting the managers of the main retireement programs with the aim of having a European common system for the second life of the Thoroughbreds in order to give them the second life they deserve.

With kind regards
Hubert Honoré
Chairman, EFTBA


This newsletter contains the third and final part of our endeavors towards the care of the retired race-horse.

In the last issue, we highlighted pos-sibilities for repurposing ex-racehorses and became familiar with differrent examples for second chances for them. But of course, their realization is ambitious and must be financed – just like any undertaking. There is a lot of excellent and comprehensive information on these subjects available, but here, only some examples from around the world highlight such intentions, ideas and possibilities.

However, they might a least serve to inform where to find more detailled and helpful literature.

Dr Hanspeter Meier
EFTBA veterinary advisor & Newsletter editor