The First European Young Breeders Day

The First European Young Breeders Day took place on Saturday, August 10th 2013 on the racecourse in Deauville La Touques. After the success of the first Young Breeders Day “ Discover the races” during the Jockey Club in 2012, the Association of the Young Breeders wished to repeat this event during the racing meeting in Deauville, and adding a great international dimension to it.
To the program: visits of stud farms (Haras de la Cauvinière, Haras du Quesnay), meetings with Frenchhorse racing actors, and afternoons in the racecourses of Deauville, in a friendly and festive atmosphere for all the French and foreign Young Breeders. 
In this occasion,a dedicated area right in the heart of the racecourse was put at the disposal of the Young Breeders thanks to the cooperation of France Galop.
This day was placed under the sign of Europe, with more than hundred of Frenchhorse racing actors, and 35 Young Breeders who came from all over the Europe, representing 12 different countries (Ireland, England, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Austria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland and Argentina). The European Young Breeders benefited from the hospitality of our local young breeders, having then a unique opportunity to be the guest of French breeders and experience, as much as possible, the French way of breeding. The action of the Association of the Young Breeders is to promote the races and the breeding to a young audience sometimes completely novice with horseracing. The goal of the association is also to dynamize and encourage all the actions of the Young Breeders all over Europe. This year of 2013, is an opportunity to strengthen the links between the European Young Breeders who represent the future of our racing Industry.
The collaboration of the Syndicat des Eleveurs, the FRBC and France Galop who supported from the beginning the project of the Association for this first edition, widely contributed to the success of this day. We hope that it will be the starting point for other meetings with other European Young Breeders.