EFTBA Veterinary Newsletter n°23

Welcome to EFTBA’s veterinary newsletter

Dear EFTBA Members,

I am pleased to introduce for the last time after three years of EFTBA presidency the long awaited newsletter and thank all people who have been involved to support us during this period of time. 2017 started very well as veterinary matters were concerned at the ITBF meeting held in Cape Town last January. Speakers on genomics, horse welfare, breeding and racing from all over the world were very knowledgeable experts. We were all concerned with the same issues with the same needs to communicate between us. As a result, the conclusion of that Welcome to EFTBA’s veterinary newsletter meeting, Des Leadon demonstrated that we all have to speak to the bodies of our industry, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies with the same voice in order to get things accomplished. Links between IFHA, FEI, OIE, EMHF have never been so critical as of now. Focusing on «communication» is the main word . In the next months to come, I wish you all excellent results for your breeding commitments whether in racing or in the sales ring.

Your devoted chairman 

Hubert Honoré

Chairman, EFTBA



Genomics - and genomics again” were the words of Hubert Honoré in the welcome address of our last newsletter and here we discuss this subject once more (!). However, it’s not its technology which will be dealt with this time, now we much more want to occupy ourselves with its utilisation for the best advantage of the Thoroughbred.

It is a lot of information again, but please just consider that the veterinary advisory committee, the genomics monitoring group and many more representatives already invested a lot of work into this subject. But all this work wouldn’t mean much when the active breeders wouldn’t have access to the recent achievements in this field.

To inform about all the relevant and basic issues of breeding is the real and most essetntial purpose of our newsletter.


Dr Hanspeter Meier

EFTBA veterinary advisor & Newsletter editor