The Amazing Story of the Thoroughbred European Breeding Season 2023

EFTBA Promotional Video “The Amazing Story of the Thoroughbred”


The wellness and health of the thoroughbred continues to be to the foreground in the mind of European breeders. The relationship between humans and horses goes back 8,000 years. As result of which, breeders have developed a close and inseparable connection with the thoroughbred.


With this in mind the EFTBA Executive commissioned a promotional video, which showcases the European 2023 breeding season and all it entails. The footage from right across the Europe’s stud farms beautifully captures the wonderful relationship between mares and foals, as well as the breathtaking stud farms, grasslands and pastures.


European thoroughbred breeders work tirelessly to provide the purest of environments to ensure mares, foals and young stock flourish. Sustainability and biodiversity are to the fore when it comes to creating this environment. It celebrates high standards of care given to breeding stock and young thoroughbreds across Europe and Illustrates how management practices may vary subtly to meet the requirements of the horses in each location, relative to the climate and pasture etc.